A Tribal Afternoon

I just love a store that is quirky and vibrant and full of hidden surprises. Where's the fun in going to a place that has everything perfectly lined up, offers multiple sizes and has 200 pieces of everything? For me, it is a day well spent when you come away feeling like the proud owner of an object that nobody else could have spotted, and hence left for you to claim! 
Tribal Route is one such place. Sadly only one remains today of what started out as 3 different cottages scattered in Aram Nagar, but it is still bursting at the seams with all kinds of wonderful knick-kancks and you will be sure to come back with a unique piece that will find a special corner in your house.

Take off your shoes and walk right in...

Their mantra, endorsed by Raj Kapoor and gang

Magnetic charm...if you're looking at that flying witch, she's currently resting on my refrigerator

Fetching...pails of water

More eye candy

An array of pots and jars that'll spruce up any corner

The camel sure gives the rider a run for his money in terms of attiude...love it!

These frogs, they keep an eye on you.
Remember this? I bet many a lazy afternoons were spent playing it.

Wine bags that my friend found stashed under a table...a perfect way to 'lift the spirits'

Looking for a cab? It's easier to find one on a bag here than on the streets!

In case you have a friend called Pinky

Perches and chimes
If you liked what you saw, click on tribal route or better still drop in at the following address:


  1. Ok. This place goes on my 'Places to Go Before I leave Mumbai' list :)

  2. love the way you've captured it all sahana.... :))

  3. Lovely shots... love your blog updates! :-D

  4. hi sahana,so u did it. very,very impressive. 2 most unique ones are raja,mantri and the frog.in fact each one is a masterpiece,like you, congrats, keep it up

  5. Oh I need to visit Mumbai at least for the stores!

  6. Gorgeous store - up on my list for my forthcoming visit :)


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