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I am somewhat of an insomniac. The fact that my husband can snore a thunderstorm to shame, does not help either. So often I turn to my late night companions, the ones made of paper with words on either side, in search of sleep. I usually avoid decor books coz they tend to have the effect of a double espresso shot on me, rather than that of a more desirable hot chocolate. However, last night I succumbed to temptation as I turned to one of my favourites...

If you read my previous post, you'll know that I am in the process of moving homes and my excitement knows no bounds. All I want to do is roll up my sleeves and dress up the new place. It has some great features, including a formal living room, a balcony and a third bedroom. If you have ever lived in a city like Bombay or New York, you'll realise what an absolute luxury that is! The extra room of course will be promptly converted into my play pen...'home office' may be a more familiar term for it, but I have recently developed an aversion to all things 'office', so bear with me. Did I forget to add that there is also a hallway that connects the living room to the rest of the apartment...imagine all the cool stuff one can do with a space like that!

So if you've been wanting to redecorate/ rearrange some stuff in your own house, read pearls of wisdom, just certain basic things that we tend to forget.

Multi-purpose spaces
My new living room is a tad formal and completely different from the current L-shaped living-cum-dining. So my biggest challenge will be to incorporate the tackiness of a television and home theatre system into this space, without totally ruining its classiness! How does one make the room ideal for entertaining as well as comfortable for viewing television? 
Here's a good tip, start with a floor plan and go in order of priority:
1. Find the ideal spot for the big pieces first...the 3-seater, big coffee table, sideboards, bar etc.
2. Pick a vantage point for the television without making it the centre of attention. Have the option of moving things around for those movie nights/ match sessions when you do want to focus on the television. 
3. Do not sacrifice open spaces. Leave the path to the windows and balconies unobstructed.

Note to self: May be easier said than done...draw up floor plan asap. Use art work on the wall to bring together different spaces.

Big pieces that make an impact
Considering buying a new couch? I myself am looking for one that's comfortable, elegant and versatile. Seems like a tall order but here's what I'm thinking:
1. Get something with exposed legs...always more elegant than a fully upholstered couch.
2. Be smart about the upholstery. Linen or even fine jute is perfect as it can be both earthy as well as elegant.
3. Stick to a neutral shade and offset it with bright cushions and rugs. 
4. A deep seat and great cushioning for that all-important comfort factor.

Note to self: Consider re-upholstering the current couch on the above principles. 

Bedrooms that speak of you
The bedroom has got to be the most personal place in the house, the inner sanctuary where all outsiders are kept at bay. A sure shot way to enhance the mood would be to paint the walls a different colour...earthy shades if you want it cool and comforting, pastels for those seeking calm and quiet, or a splash of the sunny-side-up yellow, like above, to bring you cheer. Add to this a bunch of family picture frames and you've got yourself a space that's truly yours.

Note to self: A good spot to put up the family frames would be right above the headboard. Stick to a haphazard arrangement that allows for the collection to grow.

Be art conscious
I have often noticed that people put up pieces of art on their walls but pay little attention to how they display it. Not only is important to choose the right space, it's critical to nail it right! Alignment, height, spacing, juxtaposing the colours and frames can make or break the artwork itself. I for one, love asymmetrical arrangements...the far corner of a wall instead of the centre, a haphazard cluster instead of straight lines. Here's an example of how four different frames can be put together in a unique manner. I love how the four pieces are so distinct from each other but come together brilliantly because of the manner in which they have been displayed.

Note to self: Choose large pieces of art for the expansive walls. Look for unusual and striking ways to display it.

So go on then, re-arrange and have some fun!
PS - Do excuse the quality of images in this post as they have 
been taken from my phone, under the light of a bed side lamp.


  1. You found a place? Awesome!

    You should do a before-after series with the house as you do it up.

    Am dreading my move. I would have so hired you if you lived in Hyderabad :)

  2. Great post! We're a few months away from moving ourselves and like you I'm looking forward to the move and a blank canvas to work with! Be sure to take plenty of before and after pictures for us!

  3. A before-after series is definitely on the cards! :)

  4. Hey Sahana - My first crush - that auto
    on your banner picture. Where can I get one :-).
    @Rohini - are u from Hyderabad, I am too originally from there now living in Norway :-)

  5. Hi Shanthi, I picked up the auto in Dhaka! Haven't seen anything as good as that around here, sorry :(


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