Monday, 29 April 2013

Have glass, will paint!

I've been away too long...again! I wish I could write and post more often but I've finally realised that it's just not something I can control; it's the flip side of being interested in too many things, eventually I end up getting distanced from some and this blog has been at the receiving end of that.

Time for a quick update then! My glass painting is what keeps me busy most of the time these days. Last month saw my first ever exhibition; a bunch of us facebook entrepreneurs came together to host a Spring Bazaar across four different locations in Bombay. It was super fun and quite a learning experience for a newbie like me. Then there's the steady trickle of orders that come via my facebook page, thanks to you guys. I'm also getting enquiries from a couple of home stores that would like to stock my products, lets see how that goes. And last but not the least, there's my tie-up with the ITC group of hotels; they are are now serving tea in my cutting chai caddies across their properties so if you happen to step into one of their coffee shops and spot one of those babies, you know where they come from!

And when I'm not doing all of the above, I am busy feeding my own crazy desire to surround myself with coloured glass. No jar or bottle in my house goes unpainted; old jam jars, pickle jars, sauce bottles, booze bottles, all get upcycled and find their rightful place! Here are some images from my personal collection...
Upcycled jars that I use to keep my pens, pencils, paint brushes etc.

L: old Pisco bottles that now store oils; R: a small jar that works as a match box

L: my personal favourite, a jar for my homemade ginger-garlic paste; R: a jar for my little spoons

Jars for my make-up!

L: an old soap dispenser that received a new coat of paint; R: more jars for earbuds etc.
If you like these, then you'll be happy to know that I'm working on a kitchen range...some bottles and jars for your spices and oils. Meanwhile, if you'd like to see the products that are currently available for sale, please visit the albums on my facebook page. You can place orders by inboxing me on the same page or sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.
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