Tuesday, 10 April 2012

For the love of chalkboard!

I've loved chalkboard since the time I was a kid, not so much the ones at school but definitely the plaything we had at home. I remember the excitement when my folks got my sister and me a blackboard that came with an easel and a boxful of coloured chalk, we spent many afternoons fighting over it and my poor sister always got bullied into playing the student. I guess we were from that generation where role-playing games were far more popular than the hi-tech games that today's kids have at their disposal.

I'm almost halfway down my 30's now and still haven't lost that love for chalkboard, except these days I'm role-playing a super efficient chef who uses the board to display her daily menu...
My cafe themed dining room
And to indicate whether she's in the mood to cook...
Sign on my kitchen door
In case you want to read more about my dining room cafe, click here.

I am definitely not alone in my love for chalkboard coz I see so many amazing ideas out there. 
Here are some fun ones that I found...

Message on a bottle - chalkboard paint on bottles

Chalkboard labels...slap them on to anything and scribble away!

Sign boards, tags and chalkboard sticks

More tags, wine charms and a chalkboard painted pan

Entry board, trays and little message boards

Chalkboard goes anywhere...even on cups, frames and notebooks!
Maybe it's a good thing that I don't have easy access to chalkboard paint out here coz I'd have gone nuts painting everything black!

*All images from Etsy, except the ones of my own chalkboards.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

One year down, lots more to go!

Hey everyone, it's the blog's first anniversary today! Time flies when one is having fun and I just can't believe that it's a year already since I posted that story about my precious little sewing machine table.
It's been such an amazing ride so far, being surrounded by like minded people, making new friends, talking about things I love, getting hit by ideas that inspire and watching myself grow. So I want to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to all you guys for being such fabulous companions along this journey. Thank you especially for the words of encouragement that you send my way via your comments and emails, please know that  they make my day EVERY SINGLE TIME! I hope that you will continue reading the blog and spreading the word. Here's to our wonderful times together!

Happy anniversary Home is where the Art is, you are one of the best things in my life! :)

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