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24th July, 2011

Today I was speaking to someone who was going to quote me in a travel article that he was writing for a newspaper, and in the end he asked me how I'd like to be referred to in the article...would 'entrepreneur' or 'interior decorator' be alright? I struggled for a while and told him that I'd think about it and call back.

Two years ago it would have been easy, I was an advertising professional who had gone on to become a marketeer. Today I am aspiring to be many things, and each is as dear to me as the other...I'd like to be an artist, a photographer, a decorator, a designer, a blogger and an entrepreneur! Obviously too much to fit into an article that would have just a one-line quote from me, so I half heatedly settled for a simple 'entrepreneur'.

 But this one life seems quite enough to fit all of that and more, so here I am in pursuit of my dreams...
I get a kick out of helping friends and family decorate their interior spaces. I work as an unpaid food photographer. I love water colours. My Canon D550 is my best friend. Nothing thrills me more than buying a brand new design book. I am addicted to wooden furniture. There is always room in my home for things I find in flea markets and home stores (even if it's tucked away for 'when I have a larger house'). I like to surround myself with splashes of colour. I am passionate about my black & white charcoals. Cleaning a closet, making lists, rearranging my books & CDs is as close as I get to experiencing nirvana. Some people have now begun to offer me money in return for my obvious and utter brilliance in photography and decor (just kidding! No, not about the money).

I could go on, but I guess I shall leave that for when I publish an autobiography. For now I 'd just like you to know that I am designing my very own furniture line, it's my raison d'etre and I am dying to tell all about it! But prudence tells me that I should hold on to my horses for just a bit longer, so come back soon.


  1. i thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog....and can continue reading it for long hours...well may be that is because i can relate with you completely.... i too am a die hard fan when it comes to design... i too just madly love travelling,reliving the memories with my personal cam, and designing. also,about going for endless shopping in search of decor and vintage furniture pieces. i am an architect now and was and always be a hard core design lover since i realised my interest in art,drawing,painting, short i like your taste and your way of expressing it through blog... do keep in touch.. i really loved your blog... good luck for your dreams....


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