Sondha, the garden shop

Ok, I'm back after a long hiatus with a long promised post! As you've probably gathered by now, I do take my time doing things (read, I'm the laziest ass in town) but I've really had my fill of deadlines in life, so what the heck. Anyway, remember that gorgeous garden shop in Delhi that I mentioned a couple of months back? Of course you don't. Well, this time I have some images to share with you.

It's a discovery that I owe to a dear friend in Gurgaon who shops here frequently for her lovely terraces and gardens. And yeah, I live in Bombay but I do have the privilege of renting a house with a tiny little balcony and that's where I've stashed all my Sondha treasures. I even have my very own mali who comes to tend to the few pots that I own...well, he started with caring for just one frangipani so I had to quickly acquire some more to make it worth his while.

Sondha is part of a sprawling bungalow in one of the plushest parts of New Delhi...wide roads, gigantic trees, lovely houses. As you walk into this garden cum shop, you will be greeted by splashes of colour amongst the various shades of green...

Take your pick from cutest looking piggies, fishies, birdies, dinosaurs, crocodiles, turtles, hens and all other adorable little animals! From large freestanding pots to little hanging ones to even wall mounted planters, they have it all. And their impressive collection of accessories includes birdbaths, bird houses, birdcages, weathervanes, stepping stones, wind chimes and various other decorative knick knacks.

Isn't this stuff amazing?! I bet you've already spotted all kinds of interesting things for your gardens, terraces, balconies or any other green corners. They even have an in-house gardener who can help you fill out your planters and adjust the length of the hanging wires, hooks etc. And while he does that, you can browse around the gazebo that is filled with many more interesting trinkets. In fact I'd recommend you check this place out even if you don't have a huge green space coz there are tons of other fun things that you could use to cheer up a window or doorway.

Visit Sondha:
39, Prithviraj Road, Prithviraj Market, New Delhi - 110 003
Tel: +91 11 24638663, 24648659
+91 9810053013


  1. Delighted to have you back! And this post comes just in time too : I am due to visit Delhi soon and have been despairing over the lack of single green blade in the house ( which ofcourse is overstating the angst.. but little gets done otherwise ;))...Hope you have more goodness to share !

  2. I remember.. it was upasana's pent house.. :P

  3. Ah this makes me nostalgic. My fav part of Delhi :) Great post.

  4. Thanks a ton!I live in this part of the country and love to garden!Shall surely check out this awesome place!

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