Monday, 27 June 2011

Colour me bad!

I've been looking to reupholster my couch. It's quite an eyeful when it comes to colour with large fuchsia, orange and gold prints on a rust base. I do love it but in the new house I was meaning to redress it into something more sober. Yeah, can you believe it, me choosing sober over colour?! And then I come across Anthropologie and all resolve to stay sober flew out of the window. Take a look at these and you'll know why.

I am a big fan of using unconventional fabrics and prints for upholstering and this fits right in. The combination of different checks in different colours just lifts this couch out of what could have been just comfy and boring to kitschy and fun. I would love to have something like this in my study!

Here's another example in our very own Ikat. Did you know that Ikat is actually an Indonesian word and that this weave is found in many other cultures besides our own, including Japan, South East Asia, Central and South America and even parts of Europe?! Well, I just love the use of it on these chairs and that blue sofa. The richness of the colour and the fabulous Ikat motifs can make any piece of furniture an eye catcher!

So the next time you're thinking of upholstering, why not go for the bold and the colourful instead of the usual plain and pastel!

*All photographs taken from Anthropologie

Friday, 24 June 2011

Objects of my affection

No prizes for guessing what I might have shopped for the most while I was on my holiday. It had to be stuff for the house! 
This time in the US I discovered Anthropologie and it was love at first sight. If I had my way, I would have carted pretty much everything back from there but a baggage limit and of course a wallet limit allowed me to only sneak back a few things. So this blog is dedicated to my newly acquired prized possessions.

I have been looking for interesting dinnerware for a while. So far I've been using an assortment of ceramic plates, each a different colour, and it's worked alright. But when I saw these gorgeous whites with a worn off effect on the edges, I knew it would be perfect for me. They are elegant without being too stiff upper lippy, and they'll go well with any of my other colourful dishes. It's just the kind of change I wanted.
And here's a set of salad plates to off set my fleur de lys. The colour, the print, the text, everything is just perfect! It's gonna be hard for you to read what it says, so I have it typed alongside. I can't wait to pass these around the next time I have a table full of friends. 

This has got to be my favourite, the musings side plate from their poetry & design collection. What a fabulous idea! Could there be a sweeter ending than dessert served in these?!

Last but not the least, here's another one of my cool picks this time from another store called West Elm which also had a whole lot of fabulous glassware. Three stackable bottles that become one! I'll let my pictures do the talking...
That's all folks, sigh. I wish I had more but I guess these will do for now. It was no mean feat bringing these beauties all the way back to India in one piece. Now each time the maid or my husband go anywhere close to them, my heart is in my mouth. But as they say, a thing of beauty is a joy forever (unless some fool shatters it). 

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Inn home at Gosby House!

Hi guys, I'm back from my three week long annual vacation and feel like I'm ready for another one! Lots of travel, gorging on amazing food and endless partying can leave one exhausted! Naturally I have lots to share and the first on this list is a cosy little place that I stayed in while driving along the Pacific Coast in California.

I have had my share of 5-star hotels and however much I may love the luxury and comfort that they have to offer, there is nothing that can beat the charm of a homestay or a quaint little inn. So when I found Gosby House on line, I knew I was up for a treat. A heritage mansion built in 1887 and located in the beautiful Monterey peninsula, it's just a few minutes away from the famed '17 mile drive' and a stone's throw from picture perfect towns like Cramel-by-the-sea and Big Sur.

We had been on the road for a while and reached Gosby House rather late at night by which time the inn keeper had left for the day. I had been instructed to let myself into the house upon finding the envelope that had been left for me on the porch...the old key-under-the-mat routine. As we tiptoed in, careful not to wake up other guests, I was struck by the fairly-tale-like quality of the place. I almost expected to see an elf run out with a glass of milk and some cookies! There was no elf but the note did say that I could help myself to the refreshments in the dining hall and drinks in the refrigerator. I was home.

As I walked into my room, I was greeted by a teddy bear who sat on the bed with a red rose in hand and a card that read "adopt me". Nice strategy to sell those bears. How could one possibly refuse? God forbid if you have kids with you, then you'll be buying the whole place out, coz these cuddly monsters are scattered all over the house! 

Now for those of you who have a floral phobia, I suggest you proceed with caution. This is a Victorian styled vintage property after all. As for me, a warm bed, a crackling fire place, comfortable seating, elegant decor and a collection of antique furniture did the trick...

I woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee and a delightful breakfast of eggs and scones served in an equally delightful dining room. The perfect place to sit around a table and exchange tips on local sights with the inn keeper and other guests...

Don't say I didn't warn you about those teddy bears. They are all over, sitting on an old carousel horse, stuffed in a baby carriage, on various chairs, they even have a whole cabinet dedicated to them...

After breakfast I decided to peek into the front parlour which had a cosy fire going. It was so inviting that I didn't feel like leaving the house. I could have sat there with book and a cup of coffee and floating marshmallows all day. Alas! There were many more brilliant sights to see so I set off with a collection of pamphlets that were laid out on a beautiful console in the hallway...
Goodbye Gosby. You will be missed.
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