Friday, 22 July 2011

A chef at home

Welcome to Alain Coumont's home, or shall I say paradise? He is a chef par excellence and founder of the very famous bakery-cafe, Le Pain Quotidien. He also happens to be someone I know personally as my husband and his two business partners have recently launched LPQ in India. Their very first restaurant opened it's doors in January this year in Colaba, Mumbai.

So when I chanced upon the images of Alain's sprawling French home near Montpelllier, I just had to share it with all of you. It's warm, lush and totally Utopian.

Here's the house wrapped up in a blanket of green and surrounded by gardens where he grows his own organic vegetables...

The early bird (or in this case, Alain) catches the's a sign that the soil is good

How can you live in France and not own a vineyard?! 
So here's where Alain makes his wine, with organically grown grapes of course...

The chef's kitchen, looking very much like him...rustic, dishevelled and bustling with creative energy! 

You can't be a great chef without the perfect knife (or knives), can you??

A beautiful old weighing scale...I'd give anything to have something like this in my own kitchen

 An artichoke flower sitting pretty in a bottle

Like me, I am sure all of you would have liked to see more of this beautiful home. But I guess the heart of a chef lies in his kitchen so that's all I have for you, until someday when I go visiting Alain in his lovely home and come back with more.

And if these images have stirred up an appetite in you to bite into something totally delicious and healthy, then may I suggest you drop into a Le Pain Quotidien near you. For those of you who live in Mumbai, here's where you can go...Le Pain Quotidien, India.

All images from Le Pain Quotidien, USA.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Get Out!

The days in Bombay have been wet and gloomy even though the Monsoons haven't hit full swing yet. Don't get me wrong, I love the rains. Especially when I can just sit by the window and watch it paint everything green around me. But it would be a nice break to see umbrellas of a different kind. 
So what better a time to take a break than just after a long vacation! Yes, I am shamelessly going off on another holiday. This time to Mauritius, a place that has been considered as a destination many a times but never quite worked out. However, an impromptu trip over the coming weekend proposes to be just the perfect opportunity. 

While I am gone here is something to inspire you to take a break yourself...

And if you are lucky enough to have a garden, a backyard or even a terrace, why not throw yourself a tree party?

So get out there people and have some fun! I'll be back soon with more pictures to tempt you. 

*All images from Pottery Barn

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

House to Home...WIP

I moved into a new apartment earlier this May, some of you may have heard about it on the blog. It's a move that's happened after a long time and I feel like I am clearly out of practice when it comes to getting my act together and having the place up and running in no time. Two months down the line, and I have just about managed to find place for everything that I already possessed. Well in my defence, I did go off on a 3 week vacation in between and now I am off again for another four days (I am never going to get anything done!)

Ok so it may not be as bad as I am making it sound...a check list always puts things in perspevtive, so here goes:
1. Living room: 60%
2. Dining area: 80%
3. Kitchen: 95%
4. Master bedroom: 100%
5. Guest room: 90%
6. My work studio: 0%
7. Balconies: 50%

There, that doesn't look so bad! Definitely in the red as far as my studio is concerned (no wonder I never get anything done) but the rest is well on it's way. The fact that this is a slightly larger space means that I need to bring in some new elements and that's where the problem has been. Practically everything that I desire needs to be custom made...starting from furniture to curtains to shelving ideas for the kitchen. It would be so much easier if I could just walk into a store and buy it off the shelf...but then again, that's no fun, is it?

So while I am working on adding colour and character to my home, I thought that I should at least start by sharing the blank canvas with you. This is what the space looked like when we signed up for it in May this year...  

Hope you enjoyed this initial tour. Be sure to stay tuned to see how it's coming along. And if you have any ideas/ suggestions for me, I'd love to hear about it.
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