Get Out!

The days in Bombay have been wet and gloomy even though the Monsoons haven't hit full swing yet. Don't get me wrong, I love the rains. Especially when I can just sit by the window and watch it paint everything green around me. But it would be a nice break to see umbrellas of a different kind. 
So what better a time to take a break than just after a long vacation! Yes, I am shamelessly going off on another holiday. This time to Mauritius, a place that has been considered as a destination many a times but never quite worked out. However, an impromptu trip over the coming weekend proposes to be just the perfect opportunity. 

While I am gone here is something to inspire you to take a break yourself...

And if you are lucky enough to have a garden, a backyard or even a terrace, why not throw yourself a tree party?

So get out there people and have some fun! I'll be back soon with more pictures to tempt you. 

*All images from Pottery Barn


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