A chef at home

Welcome to Alain Coumont's home, or shall I say paradise? He is a chef par excellence and founder of the very famous bakery-cafe, Le Pain Quotidien. He also happens to be someone I know personally as my husband and his two business partners have recently launched LPQ in India. Their very first restaurant opened it's doors in January this year in Colaba, Mumbai.

So when I chanced upon the images of Alain's sprawling French home near Montpelllier, I just had to share it with all of you. It's warm, lush and totally Utopian.

Here's the house wrapped up in a blanket of green and surrounded by gardens where he grows his own organic vegetables...

The early bird (or in this case, Alain) catches the worm...it's a sign that the soil is good

How can you live in France and not own a vineyard?! 
So here's where Alain makes his wine, with organically grown grapes of course...

The chef's kitchen, looking very much like him...rustic, dishevelled and bustling with creative energy! 

You can't be a great chef without the perfect knife (or knives), can you??

A beautiful old weighing scale...I'd give anything to have something like this in my own kitchen

 An artichoke flower sitting pretty in a bottle

Like me, I am sure all of you would have liked to see more of this beautiful home. But I guess the heart of a chef lies in his kitchen so that's all I have for you, until someday when I go visiting Alain in his lovely home and come back with more.

And if these images have stirred up an appetite in you to bite into something totally delicious and healthy, then may I suggest you drop into a Le Pain Quotidien near you. For those of you who live in Mumbai, here's where you can go...Le Pain Quotidien, India.

All images from Le Pain Quotidien, USA.


  1. Oh, when you do come to Delhi? LPQ is a favorite stop for me whenever I am in NY. You have to have to come to Delhi soon! :)

  2. Hey Bhavna, Delhi is definitely on the cards! But the plans are to open a couple in Bombay first. Do swing by whenever you are in town next...it's closer than NYC :)

  3. Been to LPQ in DC and Sydney and love their house granola! But those weighing scales...OMG, stunning. If and when you go visit him, swipe them for me OK?

  4. gorgeous...so many things and feels like chefs, with so many things..love ...love the scale.

  5. I love how lived in his kitchen feels......I have to laugh when I see perfectly styled kitchens, with "not a hair out of place".....

    This one looks like its loved much! Thanks for sharing!


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