A DIY project for my dining room wall

step 1: designing and choosing the motif for the wall
step 2: a homemade stencil, a dishwash sponge and some poster paint got me started 
step 3: voila! a pattern's created across the wall.


  1. just love this wall. keep looking at it in all your snaps.

  2. You have a lovely blog ! I love this idea of motifs on a wall and might just experiment in my room :) :) thanks for the inspiration ! love your chor bazaar finds too !

  3. love this... i think i am going to try this today.... got here from once upon a tea time and man... your home is gorgeous! goodluck!

  4. Shahana,

    hi there. I am doing up my balcony wall and thought of stencilling them. Remembered this post so am here to clarify a doubt. What kind of paper shall I use to draw the stencil pattern on? Do you think butter paper would work because I am thinking normal paper would get wet and soggy. Or did you use a plastic laminate sheet? Any tips would be a great help. Thanks a bunch.

    1. Hey Harshika, use plastic sheets...I recycled covers of presentation dockets.

  5. Hey...cute...I did big paiseleys with gold fabric paint and blew copper over..whatever stuck to the paint reflects light....
    I so love stencils...


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