Saundhi Mitti

While we are on the subject of pottery, I though I'll do a quick post on another bunch of extremely talented potters that I got introduced to today, thanks to a fellow blogger. So a big thank you to you Ruchira, for pointing me in the direction of Saundhi Mitti's facebook page!

Saundhi Mitti is a Delhi based studio pottery store set up by a bunch of extremely passionate potters.
Their work is clearly a class apart, not your run-of-the-mill stuff that most stores are overflowing with. And the colour palette of each and everything that they touch is absolutely delectable to say the least! So eat your heart out guys! I, for one, can't wait for my next trip to Delhi to get my hands on these glazed beauties.


  1. Hey, what a pleasant surprise to see Saundhi Mitti here & what fun to see a platter made by me here :)) the last one:)

  2. i loved the last one.. can be used as bird feeder/bath..

  3. Wow, Prachi! You actually made that gorgeous blue chip and dip paltter?! Super stuff. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Saundhi Mitti when I get to Delhi!

  4. Hi all! Sahana - thanks for this lovely post. And yes, Prachi is one of Saundhi Mitti's absolute favorites :-) We are eagerly waiting for her to get back to pottery!

  5. Hey Suhana! thanks for your lovely words.

    Ruchira : You are too sweet & too always :)

  6. Oh my... this is stunning!! I've always wanted to get my hands into pottery... *sigh*.. But have no opportunities in Dubai.. Some day!! somewhere!!


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