Musical chairs...tables, pots & fans!

The first 20 years of my life were spent in 9 different cities. I lived in more than 20 different homes, changing a home every year! No, we weren't hobos or gypsies...just a normal army family.
By that standard, the last 10 years have been a walk in the park. I have moved only 3 cities, changed 4 homes and broken all records by living in my current apartment for five and a half years!

While it would be safe to say that my nomadic skills are a bit rusty, that itch to move on is coming back. The fact that the lease is up and the owner wants to sell may have something to do with it, but the desire to find a new canvas to paint on, beats everything else.

Getting back to numbers, I must have seen at least 20 apartments in the last 3 days. I guess the feeling can best be described as close to what people experience when they are looking for a life partner in an arranged marriage set up. Add to that the fact that I will only be renting. So it's like having an arranged-affair...I am out there looking for something that belongs to someone else, and wanting to call it my own for as long as I may have it. Hopefully it shall all be worth it.

So as I get back to my arduous yet exciting journey, I leave you with a few images of the place that has been home to me for so long and has welcomed a barrage of friends and family with open arms. 
Wish me luck!

'chai' candles that I've had for years but never lit
living room by the sea
lanterns by the window and my trusted money plant
my love for coloured glass continues...tea light holders
the bar's always open
proof of many a merry evenings
pin-up board in the kitchen
jars on the shelf, ladles on the wall
a dinner for two
charcoal sketches done by Pawan and me
a jug of my favourite flowers
a not so pretty wall pepped up with framed
DVD covers, ads and some other posters
colourful 'chakris' in a vase last longer than flowers

All that I need by my bedside
Old spice jars strung together by a jute rope.
Great for adding some green to my bathroom

sunlight streaming into the bedroom

study room kum, guest room zyada


  1. i wrote a comment and it didnt get posted! Bloody! I said, I loveeee the pictures.. the depth is so lovely.. and that im waiting patiently for the new home ones now... YAYYYY!!!!

  2. loved the post as much as the pictures..

  3. U hv a talent of makin somethin regular look extraordinary! Tremendous art sense coupled with ur writing flair make it such a joy to read. Love it!

  4. You have a beautiful home!! I'd actually like to jump right in :) Love the blog too:)Following you

  5. What a beautiful home! Thank you for giving us a peek!

  6. Love your chai candles. This is my first visit to your blog but I am certain that I will be a frequent visitor. Thanks for sharing your passion.

  7. Thank you all! And welcome to my blog :)

  8. Sahana, your home is delightful. Being an army kid myself, I can totally relate to what you wrote:-) Lovely home and welcome to blogland:-) I m following you. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas. I moved from Delhi to the US. 11 years ago! Keep in touch Anu

  9. beautiful home :)..lovely blog...super cool to see a very indian inspired blog..will be back for more :)

  10. btw, following you now...hoping to see a lot more eye candy while following you on your blogging journey

  11. Sahana, Your home is so SO gorgeous....loved every corner. I came over from OUATT, just because I wanted to see even more of your home.
    The spice jars with money plant in them, tied up with a rope is a great idea...I might just steal your idea..;)
    The stenciled wall is beautiful. I have one in my home as well.
    I'm your newest follower. Hope to see you at All things beautiful...
    - Neha

  12. Such a lovely space Sahana! Loved the moneyplant holder and the chakris (what a neat idea!).

  13. This is such a beautiful home, with a personal touch in each space. Loved it! My prize to the glass jars hung by a rope in your bathroom. Lovely idea as are many of the others in your rooms :) Glad I found your blog, n am your newest follower.

  14. lovely space sahana...loved the spice jars hung and so many new ideas...

  15. Again- Absolutely LOVED your home. That paper chakris in colored glass is a visual delight!

  16. Awesome stuff. I can see you why you need to move - Your work here is done!

  17. Absolutely amazing!! Love love love your house pics....every one of them....I rarely comment on blogs because they consume a lot of time and effort but this post made me come out! Shall follow you now...which is even rarer for me so u know how smitten I am!

  18. Hi Sahana.. just came across ur blog, when Kamaini tried that cute planter..! Love ur post and ur blog,and I am ur new follower now..!

    -Rachana Saurabh

  19. Gorgeous home... Love the colored glass collection,,the rooster on the kitchen shelf..and all the framed work on the well...!!


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