The more, the merrier

There are hoarders and then there are collectors. Sometimes I forget the fine line between the two, but while I'm trying to train myself to not be the former, it's quite a lot of fun being the latter. 
As kids most of us have gone through phases where we spent months building collections of coins or stamps or comic books or cars or marbles. I am sure you know what I am talking about when I say there was no greater joy than to find another piece to add to the treasure. Hours would simply vanish counting, cleaning and admiring.
Of course these were abandoned in the pursuit of other more 'meaningful' things as time went by. But you can have some of that joy back by applying the same principle to decorating...pick something that you love and start a collection. The most mundane of objects look spectacular when displayed in multiples. As the saying goes, the more, the merrier!

Beautiful wooden oars casually stacked together look absolutely splendid not just in a beach house but anywhere else.

Antique looking keys for that element of mystery and intrigue. Looks great lined up on a wall.

I have a huge fetish for glass bottles. Display it on a window sill or any place that lets them catch the light, and it's a sure winner.

Don't know what Pepsi would have to say about whats being served here, but I absolutely love the old crates. Make it functional by using them as trays or magazine racks.

Here's another no brainer...frames. Use them to hold family photos, paintings, fabric, pressed flowers or just nothing at all!

I collect anything from old bottles to frames, mirrors, small wooden spoons, ceramic mugs, turtles, corks, sea shells...I could just go on! What's your addiction?

*All images from Pottery Barn, except the last which is from Martha Stewart


  1. Yes!!! I agree , the more the merrier. I can't do with less so this helps :-)

  2. Good one. I like to photograph collections, some charm in them. The wooden crates' giving me ideas - paint 'em as plant holders, or like you said magazine racks or trays!

  3. Oh love the bottles, the keys and the oars! My mom has this old big huge round tin from misc. keys collected from way back when, I mean there must be a hundred at least. She is away on vacay, as soon as she is back I am swiping them from her. Fun to collect, I agree.

  4. Oh I love glass bottles too! I hope to collect them as the years go by. I look at old crates lustily at flea markets, but yet to dare to bring one home.

  5. Oh i have a fetish for bottles too...and with the ones that are colorless, I often add some water+ food color and place them by the windows.

  6. I am too naive when it comes to interior design and art for that matter, but the images in your blog are beautiful. They make me wanna explore more into these realms.

  7. such gorgeous images!! those bottles are calling out to me!!


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