Confessions of a Hoarder!

I moved into my new house this Sunday but it's far from fun and games right now...the weekend was as stressful as can be! It started with movers and packers and grew into a battery of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters etc. This is India after all. We have all the help in the world. Forget about the quality of work, at least we have readily available labour, right? Wrong! For a micro managing, control-freak like me, it just means a whole lot of added stress! Everyone is working at their own pace and nothing is going as per plan.
Not only that, I seem to have a whole different complication to deal with. When I told you earlier that my nomadic skills were a bit rusted, what I really meant was that I haven't a clue anymore what it means to move! For starters, I should have started spring cleaning a month before I was slated to move. Instead, I brought all that junk with me to the new house and now it looks like a refugee camp! Just to give you a sense of what I am talking about, here's a list of items currently filling up my precious space...
1. Audio cassettes from college. I recorded these for my husband (then boyfriend) with all kinds of sentimental numbers, including Air Supply and Richard Marx! I don't even have a player where I can listen to these anymore but how can anyone attach practicality to something like this, right??
2. Piles and piles of clothes that I do not fit into anymore. Some which are brand new coz I was just an inch away from the desired size at that point! So, any wagers on me hitting a size zero anytime in the near future??
3. Random gifts that people brought on different occasions...candles, African figurine, incense, glass show pieces, even a set of swords! Been hoarding these thinking I might find someone suitable enough to pass these on to. Any takers?
4. Ugly old linen not bought by me, but kept by me nevertheless. Coz I might have one too many guests at some point (mind you, I do have have an endless stream of house guests) for whom I may have to arrange makeshift beds on the floor! So, have I EVER used, no!
5. Tea pots and cups that were bought 10 years back and have been 'safely' stashed into cabinets that need a step ladder to access. Hence, they have never seen the light of day!
6. Boxes of old mobile phones, cameras, music systems etc...coz I will be 'selling' them to some second hand store and I might need the original packaging then. Add to these, old receipts and warranty cards!
7. A whole set of wires and odd attachments that came with all the electronics ever bought...who knows someday I might want to connect my mobile to the TV, the camera to the DVD and the DVD to the microwave??!!

I need help! No wonder my house looks like a refugee camp and my dream of all things pretty has been taken over by a nightmare of all things unnecessary!

Anyway, as they say, realisation is the key to change! So while I go figure all this extra baggage out, here's a sneak peak into my new bedroom, and it isn't all that bad once you get over that mess on the bed! :)

I had the wall painted a shade of ochre before nailing all of my family pictures on to it. The frames have been collected over a period of time and are largely in my favourite shades of rust, green, mustard and brown. I love how each one is different and yet sits so comfortably together.
The blinds in the windows were a stroke of luck as I found the perfect Benarasi silk fabric in yellow with an off-white motif to compliment the colours in the room. So far, so good :) 


  1. Sahana, love the photo wall!
    And did you say rust, green , mustard and brown? Add maroon to the list and you are a woman after my own heart:)

  2. Hang in there...start throwing out the things/decluttering now, as you do up your room... I go with a sign "NO GIFTS" pls,...and if one really wants to give me a gift...then give me terracota stuff, Eartherware, antique stuffkashmiri carpets, silver articles...etc.:-))

  3. well...i have been exactly in your place some time back and the only way to tackle it is NOW! One night I went room to room and took out all that was defunct, never used, didn't like and donated what I could and threw away the rest. it felt SO good!! love your bedroom wall...sigh!

  4. sahana....don't throw the junk away...i'll keep it in my godown :) (so if you ever want to use it again, you still can)

  5. God I know what you are talking about..I so know ! groannn

  6. uh oh, been there!! good luck sahana - but i am sure that soon your home will soon be ship shape! :)

  7. Thanks guys, encouraged by all of you I have just finished bubble wrapping and packing a whole carton full of glass and ceramic to be given away! The house seems lighter and brighter already!

    @shalu, feel free to pick this carton up anytime and no, I do not want to see it ever again! :))

  8. I think one should move every couple of years (can't help it, like you I was an army brat!)-- it makes sorting thru stuff easier when there's a deadline hovering over your head. I decluttered before our last move thankfully (though I still ended up with boxes of junk)'s hard to let go of the stuff that holds sentimental value.

    Old tapes you say? Hello my friend.

  9. Rust, green, mustard, brown? You're channeling me girl!!!! And that ochre wall?? Brilliant, will set off your photos brilliantly! My mantra when it comes to collecting junk is - when in doubt, throw it out! Needless to say that has landed me in hot water many times!!
    Have fun settling in. Looks to be a gorgeous home!

  10. Going by that wall, looks like this is going to turn into a gorgeous home! I agree with Gagan, moving is absolutely the best way to declutter.

  11. ha ha ha ha.. I totally love love this post... Looking at your wall.. the home looks stunning!! Yes!! go ahead and declutter..

  12. Good luck with all the decluttering and re-arranging. I totally get what you say as I am a "micro managing control freak" too!

    Ohh and btw, I am in love with your blog. Just discovered it yesterday and have been going through all the posts! :)


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