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The other day I was headed to buy a birthday cake for a friend, when I decided to just hop in and check out Colaba's latest fashion and lifestyle store, Attic. I had read about it on facebook and was eager to check it out in person. It took a few minutes for me to locate the entrance of this first floor store as I couldn't spot any signs. When I went up I was informed that this was so because the signage had been stolen a couple of times, even though the store was just 3 weeks old! Makes you wonder what kind of people live out there.

As I walked into the store I was greeted by a riots of colours...both in the decor as well as the merchandise. I immediately felt at home. The charming Amrita Deliwala who is one of the founders was there and I got a chance to chat up with her a bit about the store. 

Attic was founded by Rixi Bhatia, Amrita Deliwala, Tinka Bhatia and Shweta Deliwala, a.k.a. the attic RATS. They wanted to create a platform for fresh new talent and currently feature over 36 designers from across the country, doing stuff that is "contemporary, artsy, quirky". They set up their flagship store in Santa Cruz, Mumbai in 2008 and their products range from fashion for men, women, shoes, accessories, stationery, books and lifestyle.
Well I'm just glad that they finally decided to bring their second store to my neighbourhood in Colaba...

I was as intrigued by the interiors of the store as I was with the goodies that they had on offer. The look was clearly distinctive with the use of bold colours, quirky furniture and innovative art. 
For instance these wiry, fairy light-like 'chandeliers' that hung from the beams of a rustic looking ceiling, casting an almost magical light.

One of the things that caught my eye was a glass top table with a bunch of colourful chairs tucked around it, each one in a different design and size. Unfortunately these were not for sale but eye candy nevertheless.

Frames have always been one of my favourite elements to dress up any wall. And as you can see below, sometimes you do not even need a picture in it to make a statement...a splash of turquoise and you're all set to go.

One of the many labels at the store is the recently launched  Quirk Box, "the brainchild of two award winning, overworked, neurotic designers with excessive levels of creative insanity, is a roller coaster ride over a colourful rainbow full of pop, kitschy, loud, yummy, tangy lifestyle products with a load of attitude and spunk". This is the work of Rixi Bhatia and Jayesh Sachdev.

As I went through racks and racks of clothing I was mesmerised. I completely forgot that this was supposed to be just a quick stop, and instead ended up in the fitting room with an armful of clothes! One of my favourites was an off-white dress with embroidery on the bust, unfortunately they did not have my size but even before I had a chance to feel disappointed, the girl who was assisting me had gone to Amrita and they were calling the designer to check if the dress could be made in my size. Sure enough, two minutes later I was informed that I would have it in a week. So four dresses and two pop art frames later, I walked out of the store feeling completely satiated and headed off for my friend's birthday in a brand new outfit.

*All images courtesy Attic

Store Location:
5/5 Grants Bldg. 1st floor, Arthur Bunder Rd. Opp Cafe Basilico. Colaba. Mumbai 5. Call: 22 65650444
Bir Sagar 396/20, Flat#1, End of 17th Rd. Santacruz(W), Mumbai 54. Call: 
#022 3216 9292


  1. Lovely store, loved the bright layout of the store.

  2. Oh what fun! I'd have bought up all those lovely frames against that turquoise wall! Like I've said before, nothing fun ever comes to Hyderabad! :-(

  3. try 'The Orange Bicycle' in B'lore - Good stuff

  4. i love this store..i did a small article on them for too... i cant wait to visit it the next time im in bombay...

  5. Looks like a 'must go' kinda place. Wish I was in Bombay...I lived in Colaba for many years- any mention of the place brings back a lot of good memories.

  6. Stumbled upon ur blog it! esp. your blog title ...

  7. Oooh! I would definitely want to shop for clothes here!

  8. oh fabulous!! what fun!! Love the look of this store!! specially the lovely wall...


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