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Two years back when Ayesha Puri was setting up her own home, she went shopping for cushions and linen and came back with an idea to set up her own line of home furnishings! A nine year career in consulting was dropped and a few months back she actually kick started her venture, calling it 'All Things Pretty'.
Sounds familiar? You bet! There are many of us out here with similar stories or at least similar desires, so it's always heartening to hear about someone who has made that leap of faith! 
Ayesha's current focus is a range of decorative cushions, with plans to soon expand into table and bed linen as well. She retails mostly through exhibitions and a couple of stores in Delhi and NCR, but will be happy to take your orders online and mail you the products within and outside India. 

Here are a few images from 'All Things Pretty', courtesy Ayesha...

When I saw this picture, it reminded me so much of a bench that I have in my living room. My husband often jokes that I'm always making more room for cushions and not enough for a person to sit!
All I can say is that with stuff like this out there, I'll just be happy standing next to the bench. 

Here's another cool bunch from her latest summer range. Quilted cushions using English country prints...a departure from her otherwise rich Indian palette, but classic nevertheless and a sure hit.

But I just can't get enough of the vibrant Indian colours and prints! Top that with a variety of textures and fabrics, and you've got yourself a treat. 
Prices range between INR 500-1100, so it's definitely something that will be worth your while.

Like all young entrepreneurs, Ayesha is looking to partner with the right people to expand her business, so if anyone out there can give her any leads, please feel free to get in touch with her at
In the next few years she hopes to get into exports, and wants to open a lifestyle store that will be known as the one-stop shop for home decor! I wish her all the success.
To see more images, check out her etsy store.


  1. I'm really loving her summer line! Excellent job Ayesha! :)

  2. Lovely cushions and i see paisley prints..I am waiting to get back to delhi.excellent job ayesha!

  3. Sahana- my couch looks like your bench and I hear the same comment from hubby. In fact, he is constantly piling them up in a corner, but I think they look pretty any which way ;)

  4. oh fabulous!! I love love cushions... *sigh*.. and if I see one.. I have to bring it home!!


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