A spoon for every occasion

An implement consisting of a small, shallow oval or round bowl on a long handle, 
used for eating, stirring, and serving food.

Whoever wrote that has no idea that a spoon can be so much more than just an implement. It's the most fashionable accessory that your dishes can have. And in case you haven't noticed, it does have the most covetable form - a voluptuous mouth, a long slender body, the curves - something any woman would crave for. So I have my own collection going with a soft spot for small, wooden ones. Here are some of my favourites.

I love the colours and the carved handles of these two. It also has a good scoop so it works well for chunks of pickles.

These were gifted to me by a friend who knows of my obsession and always brings me some from her travels. I use these for jams and pate and various other spreads...

This honey spoon was also gifted by the same friend. The jar I've had for almost ten years but I have to admit that I've never actually stored any honey in it! Oh well, sometimes it's OK to just look pretty.

These are the most versatile and often travel from jar to jar, meeting tea, coffee, sugar etc.
Their short handles also make them ideal to just leave in there.

And here are my ceramic ducky soupspoons. Makes a boring broth so much more fun when you have these to dunk in!


  1. Hey Sahana !! what a coincidence I am just in the process of compiling a post on Spoons :-). Hope to get it on the blog soon.

  2. Lovely post Sahana! Love the photography!

  3. Lovely idea for a post Sahana! Your blog is SO refreshing from the usual that is out there :) And the small wooden spoons are gorgeous...

  4. what a collection..envy envy envy :) By the way I love how well your home is coming along...a pleasure to be a part of your journey

  5. wow wow, the spoons are so tempting....! wish wish just wish i had some cute stuffs...! (though i have a fish-silver spoon)

  6. I have a thing for ladles:-) There is a post on Rang Decor about it too:-)

    That spoon with the achaar jar is that Indian? Looks lovely~

  7. Hey Arch, thanks! I do remember seeing your ladle post when I joined the blog world - lovely as usual. And yes, the achaar spoons are Indian. Can't remember for sure where I picked them up, possibly CAC in Bombay.

  8. What a different post, love the photographs! And that's a delightful collection of spoons you've got.


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