Kanak & Anuj's lovely LA home

Who doesn't love a fabulous home tour?! So I have decided to bring you guys a series of spaces - inhabited by my friends and acquaintances - that I admire. And I am very excited to kick off this series with the warm and welcoming home of two very dear friends living in Los Angeles. Anuj is a brilliant young architect and his wife Kanak is a very talented interior and industrial designer. Together they have turned a regular, rented apartment into a space that you will not want to walk out of.

They have been living in this one bedroom apartment for the last four years. With an area of 950 square feet, it's not very large, but you wouldn't think so because of the way the space has been managed. I had the pleasure of visiting them a few months back and for me, it was love at first sight! Since then I have been chasing Kanak to send me these images. So without further ado, let me show you around!

The apartment opens into a large living room and you are immediately greeted by a splash of colour. The contemporary style has been beautifully enhanced by an Indian palette. There is a generous amount of colour also being added by the gorgeous paintings across the apartment, these were all made by Kanak's father, Vinod Rai Patel, a renowned Indian artist. The mood at home is clearly vibrant.

The living room is almost half the size of the whole apartment, if not more. But an open layout and some clever planning has resulted in them being able to break it into sections serving different purposes. These have been created using shelving units brilliant on functionality, while maintaining a free flow of energy across the room. Not only did they manage a cosy dining area but also a study that doubles up as a spare guest room when friends and family visit! 

The far corner of the living room has been cordoned off with blinds on one side and a bookshelf on the other, to create a working space for these two creative minds. The couch opens up to accommodate those extra guests.

If you haven't yet understood Kanak's love for colour, just take a look at her bed linen...she is a woman after my own heart! The blue, fuchsia, orange and red creates a spectacular effect. The white drapes hold it all together while allowing the sunlight to come bouncing in. 

The splash of lime green makes one feel fresh without even needing to step into the shower! Little touches of art, candles, fairy lights, hanging mobiles and quirky hooks, just finish off the job by making you forget that you are actually in a functional old bathroom!

This tiny space is no exception. Kanak's fabulous taste clearly reflects in every little object, whether it's a frying pan or a potted plant. They all have one thing in common...lots of character & colour. I wouldn't mind playing Nigella here!

Alright then, you guys continue drooling while I go look for another home as gorgeous as this. 
Thanks K for sharing this with me and the readers of my blog.

*All photographs courtesy Kanak Patel


  1. Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely and fun home. :)

  2. That's a lovely start to the home series Sahana! Lovely space Anuj and Kanak - Each room coming alive with such freshness and warm colors. Looking forward for more S!

  3. Gorgeous, creative, unique and oh so fun! I could so live there!

    Love the lab-stool planter in the living room! Wonderful post, Sahana. Virtual tip of the hat to Kanak and Anuj!

  4. a lovely home...great eye for detail

  5. This a perfect example of small space - big ideas. Their design has a minimalistic approach and the burst of colour just knock the socks off you. Their apartment is an amalgamation of two great minds. Good post Sahana.

  6. Lovely home! Love all the creative ideas used to decorate the space...thanks for sharing, Sahana!

  7. Stunning home. I could move in right away and not change a thing and feel completely at home (not that they are asking me to.....)!!!! I see a lot of similarity to your home Sahana.....in terms of color and neat quirky ideas and gorgeous creativity! Hats off to the two!

  8. My kinda home- With all that colour!

  9. baeutiful home in LA...! what i liked most is the tiny slate that says "I hate laundry"..lolz.. the saucepans (damn colourful).. and not the least the owl cushion..! its so beautiful! love love it..! gorgeous style statement by Kanak and Anuj.

  10. Wow... what a bright, cheerful and vibrant home... Am totally in love with her living room and bedroom decor - the choice of colors and textiles... Love the owl cushion, colorful kettle, sauce pans... the colored bottles... Looks like you both have a lot in common in terms of styling your home ;-) ;-) .... Love it that the decor is functional too... Keep sharing more and more beautiful homes like this...

    Enjoy the weekend !!

  11. What a lovely lovely home!! Totally loved the colours.. so warm... so pretty.. so full of character.. Loved the kitchen.. definitely cooking a rainbow.. Love the casual style living room.. and the bedroom is S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G

  12. Gorgeous home and loved every thing about it.



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