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Remember the third room that I talked about in one of my earlier posts, the study-cum-studio? One of the reasons why we moved to a larger house was so that I could have a dedicated space to indulge in all my creative pursuits and channelise my energy. Going by that logic, it's really strange that it's been three months and it's the only one room in the house that remains untouched! I wonder if it's a sign. I have been dragging my feet over it, even though I spend hours labouring over the layout, look, furniture etc. I'd like to believe that perhaps this is the one part of the house that's most important to me, therefore I want it to be perfect. And perfection for a procrastinating perfectionist can take forever!

So let me share with you my thought process behind this room rather than the room itself. 

The colour that I have chosen for my central wall is a shade of terracotta. I wanted the palette here to be richer, deeper...something that would ooze energy and yet be earthy. Here's the wall being painted by my painter, Vijay. It looks a bit orangey in this image, but it's not so.

I figured that getting my thoughts on paper would help me set up the place better (note, I'm not saying faster). So I did a bunch of drawings and they did help me in figuring out the limitations, but didn't really help in cracking the layout. I guess a lot will get sorted once I have my final piece of furniture in the room...a storage cabinet that I am designing. Don't go by the bland sketch below, it's going to be quite quirky and fun. And don't worry if you can't read my scribbles, it's just to convince you that I am working really hard!

Here's a mood board of all the things that inspire me while I go about setting up this space...

1. A visual that I came across in one of the blogs, don't remember which one but if you can identify it, I'll be happy to post credit. I had saved it for inspiration. Adore the furniture, the painting, the floor, the colours, the bottles...just my kind of thing!
2. I love cubbyholes. This one is a design from Pottery Barn.
3 & 6. Images from past web searches, again can't remember source. I'd love to surround myself with colour and art (I am brushing up my painting skills with watercolour classes these days!)
4. The sewing machine desk that I designed for gets the pride of place in this room.
5. A chalk board cum magnetic board cum clock! I am waiting to get my hands on can find it in Tappu ki Dukaan.
7. A couple of handles that I picked up from my last trip to Anthropologie. I'll be using them on the cabinet that I am designing.
8. 'Organising Your Craft Space' by Jo Packham - a book that I flip through occasionally for inspiration. You can find it here.

In case any of you are looking to set up your own creative work space, I'll leave with you some more inspiration from the Pottery Barn collection...


  1. Looks like you have quite a great space to look forward to; love the anthropologie handles and the sewing machine desk is amazing!

  2. I've been eyeing the anthropologie handles for a while too- time I went and actually bought them! Would love to see how the room turns out- post soon!

  3. looking forward to how this space of yours turns out!


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