Cutting Chai Glasses

I've decided to take my love for coloured glass to the next level by sharing it with all of you! I've been busy painting away for the last few days and am happy to launch a range of hand painted glass items that you will find not only quirky and fun but extremely handy as well. Just simple everyday objects...some recycled, some new, but all guaranteed to make you smile. The first in line is my favourite, the cutting chai glass! Now, who doesn't like these?!

Here's what I have to offer...a set of six glasses in different colours, stacked in caddies that are used to serve tea in little dhabas and shops across the country. I'm currently doing these in two styles, solids and stripes. The colours are wash proof and food safe so caring for these glasses is easy, just ensure that you do not use anything abrasive to scrub the surface.

Solids - a set of six brightly coloured glasses, available for Rs 1200
Stripes - a set of six glasses, each with two tones, available for Rs 1400.
The solid colours can be customised as per your preference. You could go for warm tones or cool tones, or I could just stack them to match the colour theme in your home.
Monotones - warm and cool hues, Rs 1200 for a set of six.
My favourite ways to use these glasses...
Serve tea, coffee or tequila shots!
Pass around nuts and crunchies when friends are over. 
Pop in some tea lights to brighten up a corner.

Go ahead and think up your own ways to use them...the possibilities are endless.

To place an order, all you need to do is send me an email or inbox me on my facebook page.


  1. wow, you have started this too..! I am gonna order one.. :)

  2. Lovely! you can even stick some stems with fresh flowers in'em for a cool centerpiece!

    lovely blog too :)

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  3. You know, this time that I was in India, my Mum gave me a glass caddy, I dont have these stunning colored glasses like you, but I guess my IKEA chai glasses will look good in it too. You have a beautiful Blog! Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas.

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  5. Oh I am in love with your cutting chai glasses...bright and cheerful they make me smile and drool :) You are right...possibilities to use them are endless...If I have them I will use them for keeping my paint brushes...for storing my beach finds...for keeping my silver knick knacks...and so on :) Can't help but "Follow" you my dear friend :)

  6. This is what you inspired me to do:

  7. Loved ur blog. It is absolutely addicting :)

  8. The creativity is just amazing... It inspired a lot.. Here there is more creative visit


  9. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.


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