Got Glass?

Do you throw away your old glass bottles and jars? I promise you, you'll think twice about it by the time you're done reading this post. I hoard pretty much everything...empty wine bottles, various other alcohol bottles, jam & pickle jars, olive oil & vinegar bottles etc. etc. The top of my kitchen cabinet is getting more and more crowded everyday and I could easily give the kabadiwala a run for his money. I've even carried back empty bottles from other cities! There are just so many wonderful things that can be done with them, so let me start by giving you a few simple ideas.

Here's something that I made just this afternoon, a plain old olive jar embellished with a few ghungroos (bells). You could make it without a handle if you like and it'll sit pretty on any shelf or table. Use it as a vase or as a fabulous tea light holder; if you want to make it more functional then fill it with pens, pencils, brushes or whatever it is that you like.

Who likes a wallet stuffed with coins?! They look so much better in an empty, see-through jar instead. I have a special one for the coins that get left behind after a holiday abroad, and even take contributions from friends when they come visiting. Practically anything can be used to add a fun element to these jars, the one on the right has some of my old beaded anklets around it's neck...

These are my favourite - soda bottles with marbles trapped inside, a common enough feature on the pushcarts of Delhi during the summer season. Not the most hygienic of drinks but a happy place for my  bobbing dragonflies.

Here are a couple of simple ideas - the square jar on the left used to be filled with wax, once that burnt out I replaced it with some dried flowers; the one on the right used to be a milk bottle. So much better than fancy store bought vases, don't you think?

And finally, the most common one of course - the money plant holder. It doesn't matter what sort of a bottle it is - tall, short, round, slim, green, brown, clear, gigantic, miniature - it will find a spot in some corner of my house.

There's lots more where this came from but I think I'll save it for another day. Meanwhile if you haven't seen these older posts, you might wanna check them out: High Strung & Kitschy Kitchen


  1. I cannot get myself to stop from re painting and reusing all sorts of tin cans, glass bottles ....
    YOu have done an inspiring thing with all of them :)

  2. Love those ghunghroos on jars and glasses! Clever way of hanging bottles too. Love it!

  3. just had me at the first sentence of this post:)...I am HUGE collector of all kinds of glass (wine bottles, jars, cappuccino bottles, you name it....). LOVE the idea with the gungroos...and I also love the idea of the coin jar:)

    I have done a lot of things with glass jars myself...and sticking in some money plant in them is the simplest of all.

    Thanks for sharing've inspired me to share my own ideas...someday I will.

  4. Lovely inspirations... !! Love the statice flowers in the milk bottle and the colorful dragonflies... !!
    Even I have a stack of wine bottles at home ;-) ;-) . .... mostly used for flower arrangements and for money plants... !!

  5. Great to have you back, always love your posts. I love collecting ( ahem...hoarding) glass bottles too. You are much better than a proper vase...

  6. Love the ghungroo idea! And the strung money-plant holders!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous as always :) Love it

  8. LOL I am so relieved to see your post and also all the comments .. I absolutely LOVE glass .. in an obsessive-compulsive sort of way I thought .. but now can breathe a sigh of relief .. I am not alone!! Haven't tried glass painting yet, but maybe I will, any day now .. thanks!

  9. Absolutely amazing ideas Sahana! Love your styling with the bottles. Very inspiring...would love try some of the ideas. Thanks for sharing! Register me as your newest fan!


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