My Kerala Courtship

Sorry guys, I have been away far too long! The reasons were many - first it was a flu, then the Diwali buzz, followed by a Delhi-belly, a wedding in Amritsar, ulcers that refused to go away, a flying trip to Kerala,  hanging out with my favourite niece, introducing her Peruvian fiance to Bombay and taking care of a house full of friends and family. Phew!

With so much happening, there's naturally a lot to share as well - a friend's penthouse, some new furniture pieces, my handiwork around the house and various other decor ideas. I promise you there will be enough action to make up for my prolonged silence. But first, let me take you to the backwaters of Kerala, where I spent last weekend. It's one of my favourite places and there's a very good reason why it's called 'God's own country', it's simply out of this world.

Set amidst the backwaters is the Kumarakom Lake Resort, easily one of the finest hotel properties in the world. The design and decor is in traditional Kerala style, and there is just one word to describe it - stunning. I have always had a soft spot for this style and if I were to ever build a house, it would definitely be heavily influenced by it. Besides my love for wooden furniture is no secret, so how could I not fall in love with the exquisite craftsmanship that Kerala has to offer?!

The wood work that greets one can only be described as sheer poetry
By far my most favorite piece...the 'charupady' or wooden bench with a carved decorative back
A beautiful uruli with flowers and a traditional swing in the courtyard
The 'chundan vallam' or snake boat with floating hibiscus
Intricate wood work in the 'chuttu verandah' or open passages
Lush green outdoors spotted with coconut trees 
A deck overlooking the backwaters that flow through the veins of Kerala
The 'kettuvallam' or house boats, waiting to set sail 

The property also has a beautiful curio shop that had me at 'hello'! Surrounded by gorgeous hanging lamps and urlis, it beckons passers-by who really have no means of escape. Most of the stuff here is locally sourced and if one were to go exploring, they'd find similar offerings in the by-lanes of Cochin at a much cheaper price. But who cares about that when one has been mesmerised by these magical lamps and whispering antiques...

This is definitely a love affair that shall last forever.


  1. The snake boat with the floating pink hibiscus...totally took my breath away!
    And then....I'd do anything for a chance to shop at the beautiful curio shop...LOVE those lamps:)
    Kerela is one of my very favorite places that I have visited in my life.
    Gorgeous pictures, Sahana! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brought back some wonderful memories Sahana. Kerala backwaters is our favorite getaway spot when in India. We stay at the coconut lagoon in Kumarokam on the lake. I love the curio shop they have and always carry loads of things from there :-). The houseboats and the trips into the villages, watching the snake boat races are some of our favorite things while there.

  3. Great pictures. It is also beautiful. Loved the curio shop!


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