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Featured with furniture!

I know I have been gone far too long, it was never my intention to disappear from this blog. I have procrastinated over it endlessly and missed it terribly but I am finally back and we have a lot of catching up to do. Those of you who have been following my posts (when I did post!) will know that I have been talking about getting into furniture design and interior decor for a while now, it was the reason I decided to walk away from a corporate career. Well, I am happy to say that things have been moving on that front and as my 'come back' story I'd like to share a little bit of that with you guys. You know that my tryst with furniture started with me designing pieces for my own home. Living in Bombay one quickly realises that there aren't too many options out there if you are looking to buy furniture with great aesthetics at a reasonable price...never the twain shall meet!  Yes, there is always the likes of fabindia, but it's completely overexposed due

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